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Alabama Criminal Records

Doing a criminal background search for any resident in the state of Alabama is relatively easy.  Why? Because the state law stipulates that all criminal records in Alabama are public records, ergo accessible to the masses by using a standard record search procedure. Public records as defined in Code 41-13-1 (1975) pertains to “all written, typed or printed books, papers, letters, documents and maps made or received in pursuance of law by the public officers of the state, counties, municipalities and other subdivisions of government in the transactions of public business and shall also include any record authorized to be made by any law of this state belonging or pertaining to any court of record or any other public record authorized by law or any paper, pleading, exhibit or other writing held with, in or by any such court, office, or officer”.



With the increase in terrorism across US the need to upgrade US security systems is being realized. Alabama criminal records aim at managing the information about criminals, such as their date of birth, criminal activities involved in, years of such activity, full description and the type of criminal offense or offenses committed etc. This can help the state and local police authorities in nailing down the criminals easily and in tracing the serious crimes that have been committed or could be committed in precarious times to come. The Alabama criminal records database is updated regularly as and when new incidents are reported by the regulating authorities.

Alabama criminal history records are referred by leading employers and by financial services providers in ascertaining if the person under scanner has been convicted in criminal cases in Alabama or elsewhere across US. These can be important pointers for the employers and other institutions who are trying to engage to seek services from such an individual. In all such cases, law enforcement agencies should be sought out in Alabama to get a detailed background report of individual. It is highly recommended to employ and engage with individuals who have a clear track record in order to ascertain safety for fellow workers.

Criminal information can be attained from law enforcement agencies at any point in time. Detailed procedure on getting the information and other cues can easily be gained from the online sources. Individuals with criminal records have certain rights clipped off and their criminal information is available in public domain. Complete criminal history, jail history, inmate records and their behavioral records can be obtained from the agencies on the go. Criminal history records have helped in sustaining higher personal security for the residents. Such measures have helped in bringing down the crime rate in the state.

To find criminal records in Alabama you can write to 5444 State Highway 94 Ramer, AL 36069-5008 or follow the link at the bottom of this page to find the criminal records in Alabama you are searching for.


For those who do not know, the legislation responsible for making these public records or public writings easily available to the populace is detailed in Code 36-12-40-(1975). Any interested parties should take a look at that legislation or a summary thereof to further understand the nature of the documents included in the stipulation. Please note though that the Alabama open records law exercises some exemptions as to the right of the citizens to see and copy any public writings. These writings pertain to library circulation records that have expressly been made confidential and off-limits by the statute. The code also has requirements that limit access to some programmatic records such as those documenting adoption.

Thanks to the Alabama Criminal Background check system, looking up or doing a background search for any Alabama resident has never been simpler.  The state runs its own background-check website ( which is deemed as one of the most advanced websites of its kind across the country. People who need to do an Alabama criminal background check is recommended to visit this site and lodge their search. For any questions or concerns about the Alabama criminal background check, you may contact the address below for more information.

Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center
201 South Union Street, Suite 300
Montgomery, AL 36130


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