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Alaska Criminal Records

The Alaska Public Records Law (APRA) is a legislation created to make sure that all public records of all government bodies in the state will be accessible to all citizens as part of their fundamental rights. Definition of this law is provided by Statutes 40.25.100 - 40.25.125 of the Alaskan legislature. Public records as mentioned, consists of books, documents, accounts, files and other written materials that are created or otherwise transferred to any public agency. It can also be the same records which are created by or transferred to private contractors on behalf of a public agency. In 1990, an expansion was made on the legislation itself and stipulated that drafts or other documentation of conversations made on what is considered public domain in Alaska are open to be viewed and listened to by the general populace, and these include criminal records.


There are no restrictions in residency when attempting to request or view an Alaskan public record, making the process all the more easier. It can be viewed during regular business hours and copies may be made available for a certain fee except of course where limitations are set by the same statute. Please note though that not all Alaskan Criminal records are listed on the public domain.

People who are interested in ordering a criminal background check for Alaskan residents may do so by submitting requests via a mail-in form that can be downloaded from the Department of Public Safety’s website ( Criminal background information may also be obtained by submitting a record of the subject or the concerned individual’s fingerprints to the same department. This type of check is considered more thorough versus the name-based searches which may miss criminal history reported to the Central Repository under various aliases or different names. The current fee for a name-based background check is $20 while a fingerprint-based check will cost $35. Background requests can be mailed to the address below.

Criminal Records and Identification Bureau
5700 E. Tudor Road
Anchorage, AK 99507


Alaska criminal records acts as the one stop shop for providing unified information to one and all regarding criminal history of the individual. With an increasing number of criminal offenses, such databases can provide ready to go information about an individual in just about no time at all. Criminal profiles are maintained in these dynamic criminal databases. As and when crimes are committed and reported these are tracked and updated in the records. Some of the key information pieces that can be gained by third parties or criminal background check record agencies include; offense type, date & time, jail history, behavioral cues, inmate details and correspondence address etc.

These records are essentially maintained by enforcement agencies and access can be attained as per the procedures set by the state government. Criminal history is available in the public domain and employers or other agents can request for the information if necessary. This can ascertain that they are dealing or employing a prospective individual on merit who has a clean criminal record. It is easy to gain information on all such cases. However, dedicated agents and background check agencies can be engaged too while one is trying to get criminal checks done on an individual.

Alaska has witnessed an increase in the state crime rate. Such measures by state government have helped in restoration of security mechanisms amongst service providers and common households. It is highly recommended to perform a criminal background check while one is employing an individual. It can help in bringing down the crime rate. It will also ensure that the business entity is being managed by competent and safer to work with individual. Criminal records have helped in narrowing down the criminals in a seamless manner. Residents should empower their business and homes with the righteous information from criminal records.

To find criminal records in Alaska you can write to 5700 East Tudor Road Anchorage, AK 99507-1225 or find criminal information in Alaska faster by following the link at the bottom of this page.


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