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Arizona Criminal Records

The state of Arizona has a centralized database for all its criminal records. This is in conformity with the Arizona Revised Statute 41-1750 which pinpoints the Criminal History Records Section of the Arizona Department of Public Safety as the main location for such records.  This statute requires all criminal justice agencies or institutions across the state to report all their arrests to the Central State Repository.

Viewing a copy of any criminal record in Arizona is strictly restricted and the rights are only reserved to authorized agencies. Any individual who are caught securing a copy of these documents without the necessary authority will be prosecuted under the Arizona state law.


Also, the law states that the Central Repository and the Arizona criminal records section are not permitted to check or look at criminal records for the purposes of either getting a visa, out of the country adoption or immigration. The Central Repository has a notarized statement to this effect made available if need be.

For individuals who need to have a criminal background check for employment purposes, they’ll need to contact the Applicant Team at (602) 223-2223. Same goes if an individual will request a Fingerprint Clearance Card for their employment, they will need to call the Applicant Clearance Card Team at (602) 223-2279. 

The Arizona Department of Public Safety has clear guidelines as to how a person can request for a criminal background check.  All requests should be made either in person or via mail or fax. Forms are available for download at the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s website (  People who are interested in getting a criminal background check are highly encouraged to visit the website or calling the Applicant Team first to make sure that all the requirements have been satisfied prior to submitting their requests.  Applications can be mailed to this address:

Arizona Public Records Unit
PO Box 6638
Mail Drop 1200
Phoenix, AZ 85005-6638


Criminal investigations are being looked up as an essential task that must be performed as far as leading employers, law enforcement entities and foreign travel are concerned. For instance, in order to attain visas, applicants have to disclose if they indulged in any criminal proceedings or were they ever convicted in serious crimes. Arizona's criminal records maintain a comprehensive database of criminal activities that have happened in the state and include full details and facts about the incidents. Details such as the name of convict, age, law hearings, jail records and other vital information pertaining to crime are maintained in the automated databases.

As and when a new crime or convict is jailed or fined or their illegal actions reports, these are instantly recorded in the criminal records. These records can be shared by private employers, financial advisories and other law enforcement agencies as and when required. A criminal record can lead to detrimental effects as far as a convict is concerned. Chances are that even after serving the jail term or fine, they might not be hired by best in class employers. Criminal convicts are also not offered loans and other financial instruments that easily because of their past criminal history.

It is imperative to seek criminal records information from the registered and authorized branches in state of Arizona. At times, private players might dupe employers and other agencies who are seeking criminal information regarding an individual. Therefore, it is highly advisable to get in touch with the authorized agencies recommended by the state government. At times, convicts may also seek non disclosure of their information, this popularly known as record sealing. In all such cases the criminal information will not be shared by the Arizona's criminal records agencies with the employers, financial advisories or with other agencies who are seeking such information.

To find Arizona criminal information you can write to 15815 South 46th Street Phoenix, AZ 85048 or to find Arizona criminal information records faster, click on the link at the bottom of this page.


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