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Arkansas Criminal Records

Arkansas has its trial courts divided into three different entities; the Circuit Court, the City Court and lastly, the District Court. In this set-up, all criminal and civil cases are handled by the city and district judges but they bear limited jurisdiction. The Circuit Court on the other hand, has complete responsibility over all cases that are found to be outside the jurisdiction of the two courts previously mentioned. Criminal records in Arkansas are handled by all the three levels of judiciary.



In this state, most of the criminal records that fall under the category of felony crimes are found to be under the Circuit Court’s jurisdiction. The Circuit Court is the one responsible for handling all felony trials, all juvenile cases and some misdemeanor charges, although preliminary hearings for felony cases may also be heard at the two other courts. The state criminal records for ordinance violations including all traffic violations are commonly handled by the City or the District Courts.

For individuals who need an Arkansas criminal background check, they may obtain it in two ways; manually or electronically. The manual process requires the individual to sign a State Police Form (ASP-122) which will need to be notarized after. The completely filled-out form along with the payment ($20) should be placed in a stamped envelope and mailed to the Arkansas State Police, Identification Bureau, 1 State Police Plaza Drive, Little Rock, AR 72209. The turn-around time for this method is about 7-10 days excluding the mailing time. Once the background check is done, the results will be mailed back to the individual authorized on the form. This method is open to all individuals as long as they’ve provided a written and notarized release of the subject of the request. The electronic process on the other hand is reserved only for employers and professional licensing boards. These entities are required to register first with the Arkansas State Police and have their applications approved. Once approved, the employer or the professional licensing board will be granted electronic access to certain criminal history records.  For further information on this topic, try visiting the Arkansas State Police website or search Arkansas criminal records.


State government of Arkansas has been able to place check on the rising criminal activities in the state. Criminal records have been put in place to capture and share the information with prospective employers, bankers and other dedicated service providers such as airliners. This has helped in tracing of criminals and has helped in unraveling their criminal plans. Precarious times like these need such smarter systems to stand out and deliver a complete criminal history about the person in question. Information such as type of crime convicted for, age, date of crime, jail tenure and other vital information about a criminal can be easily fetched and provided to criminal check agencies on the go.

In order to stream line the process and for providing faster information to one and all, online criminal database services have also been launched. The onus of going through a reliable online partner for managing criminal check lies on the end user. Law enforcement agencies online resources can provide information about an individual in a rightful manner. The information is updated daily and as the crimes occurs or being reported. Therefore, such resources can be completely trusted for reliability at all times. One can easily gain from the criminal information pertaining to an individual.

It is highly recommended to perform a comprehensive criminal background check before employing any one. Bankers and other service providers can put in place enhanced security and rigorous checks in place to ensure on the righteous intentions of the person in question. Such smarter solutions have helped in bringing down the crimes in the state. Criminal background check agencies and dedicated service providers can be consulted for while one is trying to get the criminal checks done on any given individual. These mechanisms can provide peace and harmony amongst residents at all times.

To find Arkansas criminal information records you can write to 101 East Barraque Street Pine Bluff, AR 71601-4301 or to find Arkansas criminal information records faster, click on the link at the bottom of this page.


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