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California Criminal Records

The California Public Records Act (CPRA) is a law designed and passed to let the public gain access to all public and governmental records upon request, unless otherwise there are specific reasons not to do so. The statute applies to any of the records (including criminal records) that are being maintained and handled by the state of California’s Administrative Officer of the Courts (AOC).

The AOC may opt to decline requests for records that are exempt from the disclosures of the California Public Records Act. All requests that are in accordance with the AOC policies will be granted after paying the costs for mailing and duplication.


The California Department of Justice offers an automated service for criminal background checks that individuals may use for employment, certifications, visa, out of the country adoptions and the likes.  Please note that access to criminal records in California is restricted by law; it cannot be released to the public and is reserved for legitimate law enforcement purposes and maybe accessed only by authorized applicant agencies. However, an individual can request for a copy of his or her own criminal history record; any third party requests will not be entertained by the California DOJ. All applicants must submit their fingerprint images and pay a processing fee amounting to $25 to the Department of Justice.  They can opt to submit their request electronically or manually since forms are readily downloadable from the website maintained by the Office of the General Attorney (  For manual submissions, the properly filled-out forms along with the payment should be sent to:

California Department of Justice
Record Review Unit
P.O. Box 903417
Sacramento, CA 94203-4170

Applicants are highly encouraged to view the Office of the General Attorney‘s website for complete instructions on how to procure an individual criminal history record.


California's criminal records are a repository of criminal proceedings that have been committed and reported to the law enforcement agencies. Typically it contains information about convicts, their arrest warrants, nature of crime, jail records and other sensitive information about the criminal proceedings. These criminal records are often used by travel agencies, visa offices, law enforcement agencies, employers and other services providers such as banks, financial advisories and mutual fund companies etc. Various restrictions and rights could be clipped off from those whose names appear in the criminal records. They often lose the chance of leading a successful life as bankers refrain from loan and employers from a decent job.

Criminal record data is shared by FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) on regular basis. FBI maintains a comprehensive list of criminal proceedings across US in the National Crime Information Center. Usually, a crime convict is identified by a unique FBI number or crime number. Their profiles are stored and updated in the criminal records as and when they commit any crime across state or across various states of US. This can help employers and other service seekers in running across a background check on any given profile in just about no time at all. They can easily ascertain if the person was ever convicted in past for any criminal proceedings. Based on the results they can take appropriate actions of hiring the individual or may report to the law enforcement agencies in case they have been convicted in the past.

Some records or parts of a record might not be available to public sector while they are trying to run across a criminal background check. At times, convicts might request for concealing their identity from all such checks. Special considerations can be given by state courts in all such cases to the convicts.

To find California criminal information you can write to 10025 East Flower Street, Bellflower, CA 90706 or to get California criminal information records faster. Go to the link at the bottom of this page.

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