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Connecticut Criminal Records

To check if an individual has an existing criminal record in the state of Connecticut, it is a must to check the state repository records, or the relevant county court records. Dispositions with regard to criminal records in this state are generally given a 20-day period from the date the document was entered.  Once that period has lapsed, all requests for access must be put in writing and submitted to the Records Center. Just the same, records pertaining to dismissal have a 20-day period except of course in cases of an appeal. After the aforementioned period, the clerk may already deny any knowledge about the case’s existence.



Per the Connecticut Practice Book Section 7-13, Connecticut criminal records may contain any or all of the following; arrest reports, arrest warrants, indictment records, receipts, probation order and the likes. Just a note though, Connecticut records or files associated with juvenile crimes are restricted from public access. These records are only made available to the victims of the crime itself just as it would be made accessible for any other criminal trials.

For people interested in getting a Connecticut Criminal Background check, simply visit the Connecticut Department of Public Safety website and download a form for criminal background checks. Just fill-out the forms and have it sent to the address below:

Department of Public Safety
Bureau of Identification
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, CT 06457-2389

Please make sure that requests are sent via US Mail since faxed or emailed requests will not be entertained. There are fees applicable for each criminal history check. Full instructions and associated fees for the criminal background checks can be found in the Connecticut Department of Public Safety website ( . They can also be called at 860-685-8480.


Criminal records are a means to maintain profiles of convicts who have been booked under state laws for acquitting or in committing crimes in a state or across states in US. Connecticut criminal records aim at providing unified and comprehensive information to the service providers such as bankers and visa officials etc about the past criminal records, court records, and criminal driving offenses including DUI records and details of their instigating indulgence. As a result, necessary actions and advisories can be issued against such convicts. Such convicts are required to undergo various security checks for instance if they are traveling domestically or internationally. Bankers and other financial institutions shy off from providing services to them in bid to secure their internal systems and due to their stringent company policies. These records are update from time to time and shared with FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), which maintains a comprehensive criminal records list at national level and takes appropriate actions to pin down on criminal activities.

Profiles which are housed inside these data repositories are generally associated with serious criminal convicts. Some of the most common profiles include - murder profiles, profiles for serial killers or bombers and of those who have been booked under usage of illegal arms possession act etc. Employers and other service seekers can readily run across a criminal check and gain information about an individual. Within no time, law enforcement agencies will be able to sure a detailed and comprehensive report about the past criminal proceedings that have been committed by the individual. In case an individual is clean, they become an obvious choice to be hired and placed with the best in class employers on the go. Criminal checks do not take much time. In case private players need criminal checks to be done for several individuals they can consider engaging dedicated criminal check agents.

To find Connecticut criminal information by writing to 33 Connecticut Boulevard, East Hartford, CT or get criminal information faster go to the link at the bottom of this page.

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