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Delaware Criminal Records

Felony criminal cases and majority of drug related offenses done in the state of Delaware are all under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. On the other hand, the Court of Common Pleas has jurisdiction over most if not all criminal misdemeanor cases with the exception of offenses related to drugs and traffic violations. Therefore, all access to criminal records in Delaware is split within these two judicial branches.



For people who need a Delaware criminal background check, you can search Delaware criminal records using the search box above.  However, general criminal records in Delaware or those records not allowed to be viewed publicly can be accessed by filing a request through the clerk of the appropriate court.

Delaware is not an open records state, therefore, its criminal records are restricted for public viewing.  Access to it is reserved to the victims of court-tried criminal cases and other valid channels of law enforcement. Requests for access to these records should be placed through the appropriate court clerk’s office.

The Delaware State Bureau of Identification (SBI) serves as the central repository of all criminal history, background and information in all of the state of Delaware. For people who require a certified Delaware criminal background history, the state has offices where applicants can go to and file for their requests. They process requests at either one of their offices located at Sussex County, Kent County and New Castle-County.

The associated fee for a criminal background check costs $45 which applicants can opt to pay via credit or debit cards, money order, checks or cash. Please be aware that these criminal background checks are obtained through fingerprints. Applicants will need to present a valid photo ID for their requests to be entertained. For further information about criminal background checks in Delaware, interested parties may visit their website at


Criminal records are an ideal way to ensure that businesses and professional institutions employ best in class and safe talent pool to work with and contain past criminal proceedings that have been committed and reported in the state of Delaware. Some of the comprehensive criminal databases can integrate state and national level data. This sensitive data is generally available with law enforcement agencies. Criminal background checks generally rely on these dynamic records. Dedicated criminal check agencies and enforcement agencies can be directly contacted while trying to gain from the criminal records on the go. These records can easily provide complete criminal details for an individual in just about no time at all.

Delaware criminal record files can also be accessed online or through certain privately held authorized agents. However, in such cases, the authenticity and the reliability of the agents should be ascertained. The details about the criminal proceedings, nature of crime, jail tenure or fine etc can be easily attained through such comprehensive criminal records on the go. In order to secure business and ensure business continuity at all time, criminal back ground checks are becoming an essential commodity in the corporate. Individuals with criminal records often face the heat in real life scenarios. Most of the employers shy off from recruiting them, banks refrain from providing loans or other facilities and they are often held subjects of suspicion by local law enforcement agencies.

At times, law enforcement agencies might not provide comprehensive information about an individual or hide some parts of it. This is majorly because the convicts would have requested for expunged or record stealing. In all such cases information about ones past criminal proceedings might not be available for a review to third party criminal check services providers or to the private players at any given point in time.

To locate Delaware criminal information by writing to Dover, DE 19901 or to get criminal information follow the link at the bottom of this page.

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