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Florida Criminal Records

You can search Florida criminal records online using the search box onthis site or access via the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Division of Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS). This unit serves as Florida’s central repository of criminal records.  One of the responsibilities of this department is to maintain these files and provide the public with reasonable amount of access to information if requested via proper channels.


If you want to request Florida criminal records by mail, criminal background checks in the state of Florida can be requested with a nominal fee of $24. Requests can either be placed electronically (via the FDLE website) or via US mail. Please be made aware that the results will just provide you with a list of possible matches similar to the individual you are inquiring about. There may be instances when your search will result with no possible candidates as the system is just basing its search from the information you have provided. Searches being done are based on descriptive information only and cannot be positively identified without doing a fingerprint comparison.  Also note that certified results are not available on searches ran via the website. If you need certified criminal background history documentation, a request should be sent to the FDLE via mail and indicate that the results require certification. Criminal history information requests forms can be downloaded from the FDLE’s website and sent to the following address;

Florida Department of Law Enforcement
User Services Bureau
Criminal History Services
PO Box 1489
Tallahassee FL 32302

Requests should include a return address, the concerned individual’s name, age (approximate), date of birth, sex, race, and if available, the individual’s last known address and social security number.  A payment of $24 per individual should accompany the request.  Processing takes around 5 business days not including the postal delivery time. Any other questions about obtaining a criminal history check in Florida can be directed to FDLE’s Criminal History Services Section at (850) 410-8109.


Florida criminal records is a comprehensive repository of information related to past crime convicts. Some of the vital information pieces, pertaining to a criminal, that could be readily extracted include - name, age, sex, date of crime, nature of crime committed and period served in jail etc. This information is generally sought out for by third party background check service providers. They can report to law enforcement agencies on any suspicion and can alternatively reject a candidature of an individual based upon a red criminal back ground report. These records have been able in bringing down the crime levels in the state on the go.

Federal agencies can be contacted for attaining information on criminal records pertaining to an individual under scanner. This information can be readily extracted from Internet zones. However, one has to be sure about the reliability and updated records while trying to run criminal back ground check on an individual. With the increase in crime and precarious times, such checks are becoming the order of the day. These records are updated on daily basis in order to provide a unified and integrated picture to one and all. Such smart cues can enable employers in selecting right and safest talent to work with in offices and institutions without any trouble.

Florida criminal records are shared with leading law enforcement body is US, FBI. Based upon the recent increase in criminal activity they can take up necessary campaigns for investigating the past case convicts and ensure in ascertaining peace in the state of Florida. Residents are encouraged to gain endlessly from such criminal records in a seamless manner. Alternatively, they are encouraged to report to state or to local law enforcement agencies, without any delay whatsoever, in case any serious criminal convict reaches out to them for job possibilities.

You can locate criminal information by writing to 425 N. Orange Avenue [P.O. Box 4994] Orlando, Florida 32801. or to find criminal records faster go to the link at the bottom of this page.

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