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Georgia Criminal Records

All criminal records in Georgia are under the jurisdiction of the Georgia Crime and Information Center (GCIC). This unit was established back in 1973 as a division of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) to serve as the primary repository of all criminal histories and records in the entire state of Georgia.

Viewing of public records in the state of Georgia are governed by local statutes, access to these records may be partially limited to the general populace. Georgia also has an online registry (Georgia Sexually Violent Offender Registry) of sex offenders in the state which contains about 5,800 images of individuals deemed as such to generate awareness to the public.


Justice and crime go hand in hand because if justice was not present in the world, a person’s faith in law and order would be lost. As the crime rate keeps on hiking up it has become essential for authorities to track criminal records so that justice could be served. United States is a very big country and entity; hence it inculcates a wide range of states within their setup. One such state is Hawaii where several criminal proceedings are present in between two databases. These databases include Ho`ohiki and Court Connect.

The information of these two databases may not be accessible and visible to general public but they are very well accounted for. The data entry in both the databases is entered at different intervals keeping in view the time, date and specifications of cases filed. It also considers the area from where the case was registered, so as to close down any misconceptions and confusions in the system. There have been times when a document was not originally present in the criminal record database. It certainly does not imply that a case against the document was not registered, but it might have been a target of mishandling or any other factor. If the system was too perfect, there wouldn’t be any charm in fighting against crimes and feeling the thrill of defending one’s honou r.

The criminal records showcased in Hawaii may not be foolproof but they are preserved in the form of “as is” where the system does not promise any warranties. There are certification and copies of these records that are made available when needed and required. They can be obtained from any local court house for lawful and permissible purposes. 

For this very reason, whenever a citizen has to file a complaint they need to have strong basis as well as completely aware of options that are put in front of them. No system is ideal and faultless; they are bound to have leaks and holes in the recordings and proceedings. If one is too bent on having justice they sometimes must shrug off these little hitches which delay the systems and make them real slow.


A criminal record carries information about a criminal convict. There could be various possibilities and scenarios under which a crime can be committed. For instance, a murder case would typically involve information such as who committed it, who was killed or injured in the attack, when was it committed, what and for how long was the jail term and release date of the convict. A criminal record would carry a complete profile of the case and can be used against convicts at any given point in time if they are held guilty, even after serving a term in jail.

Criminal record information is available in the public domain. In order to benefit from the employer criminal back ground check or visa related criminal back ground checks, service providers must get in touch with Georgia's local law enforcement agencies. They can provide a complete past criminal record about an individual, if he was convicted. Such reports are often used by employers, bankers and visa officials etc. At times, some of the case convicts are most wanted or are on a run and need to be prosecuted in a legal manner. Therefore, the onus of reporting to the local police and enforcement agencies largely lies on the employers or other service providers.

These smarter measures have ensured in lowering the crime rate in state of Georgia. As a result in shorter span of time it has almost been able to position itself as a crime free state. In certain cases where convicts are expunged, their criminal information might not be available for a review to the private players. Generally, those who are under expunged are not serious criminal offenders. They are generally associated with fines or parking related violations. Get going and benefit your work place with criminal back ground checks on the go.

To find Georgia criminal records you can write to 1154 Euclid Avenue Northeast Atlanta, GA 30307 or go to the link at the bottom of this page.

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