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Indiana Criminal Records

Crime and justice have become an integral element of our system. In the similar fashion abiding by rules, regulations and getting protection against unjust violence is very much part of our being. We don’t call ourselves good citizens if we don’t follow what has been instructed to us or condemn anything that is morally not correct. If we as citizens are responsible for the welfare of society then Police Forces are also accountable for societal mishaps that are beyond a layman’s control.    



The State of Indiana has established a Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) that represents all parts of the states juvenile system as well as the planning agency for criminal justice. This agency also caters to traffic safety and victim services. It is important for any system to serve different purposes and not stay limited to only one area. In this way queries of various segments can be answered without depending on other field of expertise.

Here in Indiana the criminal profile records are preserved by Indiana State Police while limiting the nature of search through criminal readings. These searches include felonies and class A misdemeanor arrests that took place within the State and has contribution from all the counties. Even though Indiana State Police has an online registration and search system but it may not be enough for hunting all criminal acts. There is an alternate way of getting hold of information via putting a mailing request form through the Indiana State Police. This not only helps the individual locate information but makes it easier for the system to look for the required document without wasting a second of time.

As some of the other states do, Indiana also has a small amount of fee attached to their search system. These charges are $15 per search request & may be a little higher than the usual credit card usage.

When qualified systems like these run through a country it is very unlikely that things get out of hand or are beyond imagination. Crime and violence is not in anybody’s hand, it is sometimes the target of difficult circumstances.  

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