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Maryland Criminal Records

Criminal records from all over the state of Maryland (all of its 23 counties), as well as those from the city of Baltimore and the Courts of Appeal, lay inside the Maryland State Archives. Crime offenders of all sorts could be traced back in these archives. One could review or study the criminal records by checking out the establishment. There are a few factors involved the accessibility of these records though.


The availability of the criminal records may depend on which jurisdiction the record is under, as some cities may have differing policies on this. It could be also based on the time frame of the criminal record’s filing. Another condition in which it may be available is if the courts would allow access to these records. It may be due to some cases having sensitive issues or information hence the need for the court’s approval. It would also be more complicated if the criminal records from Maryland that you need are on microfilm, as you’ll have to obtain the permission of the state archives or the nearest district court.

If the Maryland criminal records that you seek are concerned with any criminal that has been reported for any sex-related offense, you will be able to access the record through an online database system. This online database system is known as SOCEM - Sex Offender Compliance and Enforcement in Maryland, and it is open to the public. It contains every reported sex-related offense in the state of Maryland.

Searching for criminal records in Maryland isn’t that simple though. One cannot rely on just searching names through a database, as this is considered as an insufficient and an inaccurate method to search through records. Fingerprint comparison is what should be relied upon; it has been proven to be the correct and effective way to sift through the criminal records of Maryland.

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