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Michigan Criminal Records

The Criminal Justice Information Center is the home of any information that concerns arrests, charges, and grave crimes committed in the state of Michigan. You will be able to find any criminal records filed in the state in the said establishment. The information has been accumulated and put together with the help of the courts, all prosecutors, and law enforcement bodies. Thus the establishment has a huge database of relevant and timely information that is open to anyone who may require such information.


Michigan’s criminal records hold comprehensive personal information regarding the criminal. These also include any information that pertain to any possible felony arrest and/or conviction and misdemeanor conviction that involved the criminal. Checks on criminal records are made via a name or fingerprint search. The name search is less reliable compared to a fingerprint search, but it is more easily done than the latter. The problem with fingerprint searches is that it is must be permitted by the state, a federal statute, or an executive order. The said entities must first determine if such lengths for a search is needed.

Criminal records in Michigan are extensive in nature; therefore the public can make good use of these documents. You must fill out a form RI-101 before you can check anything out. You should then mail this to the Michigan Department of State Police in Lansing. These are records that contain all felonies and serious misdemeanors that are punishable by more than 92 days. Any offenses punishable by the said minimum amount of time are reported in the Criminal Justice Information Center. With the large scope of records being reported there, you are bound to find what you’re looking for in the facility.

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