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Minnesota Criminal Records

A multi-database program, along with the Criminal Justice Information System, is responsible for the management and gathering of criminal records in the state of Minnesota. This program is known as CriMNet, which is a state-run program that coordinates with all state and local agencies in order to build an extensive network that contains valuable information for the law enforcement bodies, the courts, the correction systems, and criminal justice professionals. Criminal records from all across Minnesota can be found in this database. It is a part of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), and together they aim to provide in-depth information regarding criminal activities within the state.


The system contains all arrests and convictions records in Minnesota, and you can view these documents for free. A request for a hard copy of any information you may need will cost you $4 though. You can do a name search on the website without any expenses; but a name search alone has proved to be insufficient in most cases as it can turn out to be inaccurate. Without the employment of fingerprint records, a name search can be unreliable. But fingerprint records aren’t readily available; you would have to obtain the permission of the proper authorities before anything else.

A joint project by all branches of government of the state of Minnesota, the CriMNet program is administered by the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Information Policy Group and Task Force under the authority of Minnesota Statute 299C.65. CrimNet was founded to serve and stand as a useful resource for all criminal-related information that is bound within Minnesota

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