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Mississippi Criminal Records

The Mississippi State Police, Mississippi Department of Correction, and their court hold all the criminal records within the state of Mississippi. The availability of these records is based on which individual or organization requests for it. It also depends on which agency is responsible for the record you may want to check out. This is the policy regarding the information to regulate and control the dissemination of the criminal records. The records, which may contain valuable and confidential information, are mostly limited to those who they deem can handle the records responsibly.


In Mississippi, sex-related crimes are required to be filed into the records just as they do in other states. These records consist of comprehensive information regarding the sex offender and the crime they committed. The law and statutes allows this database of records to be accessible to the public. One can check out these records without much trouble.

Mississippi relies heavily on fingerprint identification to properly search for criminal records. A name search alone won’t give you an accurate result, as there may be two or more citizens within the state that may share the same name. This same rule is followed in other states, as criminal records cannot be deemed as reliable without fingerprint records. Mississippi encourages the verification of fingerprints during background checks thus they have allowed those who need it to pick up fingerprint cards from local police stations. You can then have it scanned or printed so you could send it over to the Criminal Information Center so they can verify the fingerprints. This will ensure that your search is truthful and consistent.

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