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Missouri Criminal Records

The Missouri State Criminal Records and Identification division (CRID) handles all records that pertain to criminal activities in the state of Missouri. The body is in charge of the proper collection, maintenance, and distribution of the criminal records. They also are responsible of overlooking arrest reports and statistics. These reports, which also comprise of arrests, detentions, indictments, sentencing and correctional supervision, and other criminal charges, are gathered by the criminal justice agencies all across Missouri. This network of criminal justice agencies, along with the CRID, work together in order to provide the public with the most comprehensive information available regarding crime in Missouri.



Missouri’s criminal information is available to anyone who may require it; it is not limited to law enforcement bodies. Any entity, even from non-criminal organizations, can avail of these records. An individual is also not barred form gaining access to such criminal information. All they have to do is to request for their desired information in exchange for a small fee; the fee depends on the type of background check one wishes to accomplish. There are two kinds of searches available – the name database search and fingerprint verification. The name database search will cost you $9, while the fingerprint identification search will cost you $20. One must fill out a form (which can be downloaded from the CRID website) first though denoting his or her choice of type of search to employ. Send this along with the payment (in form of check or money order) to CRID in order to obtain the information you need.


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