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Nebraska Criminal Records

Seeking to have an opportunity to have a look at the criminal records in the state of Nebraska isn’t as easy when compared to other states. Things may prove to be complicated depending on what you are looking for. Individuals do not have the same privileges that law enforcement agencies may enjoy.  Some records aren’t available to the public, especially those that document evidence gathered during investigations. Information regarding investigations is barred from the public, just like in most other states. What records may be viewed and which may not is noted in the main points of the Nebraska Revised Statutes (84-712 through 84-712.09).


Nebraska Criminal Records

The criminal records are categorized as either public or confidential. A lot of the records are considered as the latter, but there is still a lot of information that can be acquired in looking through Nebraska’s criminal records. Background checks could still be done, though in some cases in a limited manner. These checks include information such as the actions taken by the State Tax Commissioner and claims for injury filed with the Worker’s Compensation Court. Individuals could still learn a lot about a certain crime or offender by searching through the accessible information.

Record requests should be forwarded via mail at the Nebraska State Patrol Criminal Identification Division in Lincoln. The forms should be filled out completely (last name, first name, middle initial, alias, date of birth, social security number, and any other necessary information requested), otherwise your request would not be granted.

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