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New Jersey Criminal Records

This page contains a directory of statewide public record resources for New Jersey. Through the advancement of online public records, New Jersey criminal records are now accessible for free. Just by logging on into the internet, you can easily conduct free public record searches. Look for billions of records through thousands of government and public links that are available online. There are several resources listed here that may aid you in achieving the criminal records that you need.  These records may include federal, national, county and city criminal records.


New Jersey Criminal Records

New Jersey Administrative Code (N.J.A.C.) 13:59-1 et seq. authorizes the dissemination of New Jersey criminal history record information (CHRI) by the New Jersey State Police (NJSP), Identification & Information Technology Section (I&ITS), State Bureau of Identification (SBI) for noncriminal justice purposes. However, the criminal records of New Jersey are somewhat more safeguarded than any other states. Although an individual can request information about their own criminal records in the state of New Jersey by signing up the proper forms which is a requirement and also by making an appointment for fingerprinting. And not to mention for those people who are hiring certain individuals who are in doubt of their legal status can also request their New Jersey criminal records. However, they are still under the custody and shall require a court order release before any discharge processing is done. New Jersey criminal records are also available to the following authorized entities:

  • Governmental entities of this state, the federal government, or any other state for any official governmental purpose, including, but not limited to, employment, licensing and the procurement of services;
  • A person or non-governmental entity of any state, that seeks to directly engage the services of the subject of the record, for the purpose of determining a the subject's qualifications for employment, volunteer work or other performance of service;
  • Attorneys-at-law licensed by any state for use in any contested matters docketed in any state or federal court or administrative agencies of this state;
  • Private detectives licensed by the Division of State Police pursuant to N.J.S.A. 45:19-8 et seq. for the purposes of obtaining information in the furtherance of the performance of their statutorily authorized functions, as specifically enumerated by N.J.S.A. 45:19-9(a)1 to 9.
  • A person for the purpose of a personal record request.

The State of New Jersey has certain standards and forms which need to be presented before acquiring any details are given. It is possible though to obtain the records you need, as long as you can verify that your purpose is lawfully justifiable.

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