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Rhode Island Criminal Records

The General Laws of Rhode Island, Title 38, Chapter 2, Section 2, describes who can access Rhode Island criminal records and what information can't be made public. You can find this information at the HTM . The same title and chapter also have a section stating that any records that have been deemed public will continue to be seen that way, even if future court proceedings or investigations are held and involve issues contained in the records. However, when seeking the criminal records in Rhode Island under someone's name, it is important to know what information to request.


Rhode Island Criminal Records

It is very helpful to know the basics about what criminal records comprise and how they are piled up in order to know whether the information and details you find is accurate. This new and convenient method allows you to shorten the long, laborious process of obtaining such criminal records from government agencies. This easy access can help you gain entry of different information about potential baby-sitters, employees and even neighbors.

Some information in the Rhode Island criminal records is not considered public if it has the potential to interfere with an ongoing investigation; keep the person from receiving a fair trial or judgment; unjustifiably invade the person's privacy; or otherwise reveal previously confidential names or strategies for law enforcement actions. The criminal records of Rhode Island can be researched and requested, but be sure to explore wisely. 

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