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South Dakota Criminal Records

Just like any other state, South Dakota employs a computerized system to catalogue criminal records within the state. This record catalogue contains data on anyone who has been arrested and tried by the State courts for any misconduct and criminal act.

Every year, these records are researched thoroughly by justice agencies of the State. The reason for this is to acquire information on investigations, charges and convictions. Being able to access this information can be extremely helpful towards completing a criminal investigation process.


South Dakota Criminal Record Information

Another use of this system is to conduct background checks on individuals. A background check is the process of looking up criminal, financial and also commercial records of individuals. Companies conduct back ground checks as a means to objectively evaluate whether or not a person should be employed by them or not. Also, background checks are also conducted to evaluate the legibility of an individual to obtain certain business licenses. The records catalogue is accessed countless times by employers under this notion.

A Unified Judicial System is an electronic data system that is very helpful to assist researching criminal records.  Justice agencies in the State will be rest assured that the information that they retrieve from the system are the most recent, accurate and up to date. This is due to the fact that the Unified Judicial System is easily maintained and updated.

Currently, the number of names on file in the State of South Dakota criminal records is approximately one hundred and eighty five thousand. This averages out to approximately fifteen thousand people being investigated each year. With such a huge amount of names, it is no wonder if records are lost or not well maintained.

This all justifies the implementation of an effective data cataloguing system to ensure the criminal records are always accurate and up to date. The Unified Justice System is one that can do the job.

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