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Virginia Criminal Records

Using the public records search form through the Virginia Criminal Records Search Site can help you to access the criminal records in Virginia.

Virginia has a wonderful declaration regarding the access to their states criminal records. The codes are very specific and anyone can understand the legal procedure to access the records if required. The individuals who can access the records legally are listed in a section of their constitutional papers. The section 19.2-389 is very specific and supplies to the point information to make sure the authority of the records intact.


Criminal records of a criminal arrest older than a year, is non-permissible to access by the non-justice individuals. If court permits an agency or an individual, then all other criminal records can be accessed for different purposes. While appealing for the information, the demander must clarify the reasons behind the application, such as background investigation for employment purposes, foster care and legal purposes and like a few more. Moreover, the have to ensure that, the access will never cause any harm to the related people in the case.

Appealing for the criminal records history in Virginia will need you to submit some forms. Two major form types of forms are available for the two applicant groups. SP-167 is a form for the individuals, agencies or private companies whereas form SP-230 is specially designed for the adoption agencies, hospitals and adult care centers or, for the nation or regional uses. If someone is requesting the information abiding by the laws, criminal records of Virginia is readily accessible for him. That’s why, application procedure is very important if you are looking forward to investigate about someone’s criminal history.

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