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Washington Criminal Records

Criminal records in Washington D.C are available if requested for certain purposes such as employment or certifications. You can go through the records online or in the state offices with proper permissions. Before you apply for the permission, you have to clarify the reason for the application. Other than that, an individual can only apply for the details for the judicial purposes, whereas a criminal justice agency can apply without specifying the reasons as the are licensed by the government for the access to the records.


Application process to access Washington D.C criminal records is simpler than other states

Though, an individual can access the records, he has to make clear that, the details will be kept private as confidential information. As RCW 10.97.030 states, you can never disclose any of the information you entrée which can harm any personnel related to the case file.

In other cases, an individual can also appeal for the criminal records to the states records and statistics departments. They can get permission to go through the reports but have restrictions to enter into the conviction fact zone to ensure the security of an individual having no history of conviction of a crime. They can apply for the permission for studying the case information or, some other socio-cultural statistical updates. The statistics and records department provides the histories of arrests less than a year old and the information related to the special crime cases such as sex-crimes or kidnapping. That’s make the statement and regulation from the states stats department balanced and an individual can easily understand the procedure to apply for the access to the information.

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