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Wisconsin Criminal Records

Having a felony record will substantially increase the difficulty for one to secure a job. This is because of the distrust that people have towards ex-convicts. As a result, many tend to return to a life of crime out of desperation. This is usually the case in any state throughout America.

Discrimination against this group of people is a serious cause of worry for the people who keep the criminal records of Wisconsin secure. They believe that employers tend to discriminate against those who have past criminal records. Discrimination can include not hiring them on baseless grounds or extremely low pay.


Wisconsin Criminal Record Information

Luckily, the problem of employers discriminating against an ex-felon is addressed by Wisconsin Statute 111.335. This statute tackles the issue of intentional and unintentional discriminations against people who have criminal charges on their record.

The notion that companies or individuals will refrain from employing someone due to their criminal background is really disturbing for the State of Wisconsin. To remedy this problem, the Equal Rights Publication ERD-7609-P was created by the state.

Criminal records are essentially part of an individuals’ history. Thus, the State of Wisconsin wants these records to be treated in a respectable manner. Although researching Wisconsin criminal records is not difficult to do, there are a few rules that must be abided.

These rules are put in place to make sure that the dignity of the individual concerned is maintained and protected at all times.

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