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Wyoming Criminal Records

All issues pertaining to activities that involve gathering, maintaining, using and distributing the Wyoming state criminal records are regulated by the Wyoming State Statutes 7-19-101 and 7-19-109. In addition to this, the criminal records in Wyoming are governed by the Wyoming Criminal History Record Act.


Wyoming Criminal Record Information

Information regarding access to these records such as what can be accessed, who has the rights to access them, when can the records be accessed and where they can be accessed are explicitly stated under this act. This act is very useful to ensure that the records are maintained and secured properly.

Interestingly, individuals with criminal records in Wyoming can also research their own criminal records. This can be achieved by visiting the State Attorney General website at detailed information regarding the policy on gathering, using and distributing state criminal records can be found on this website.

This website is particularly useful to find out more on the regulations and procedures to access Wyoming criminal records. In addition to this, individuals or organizations accessing this website will also be able to gather information on how a records retrieval process can be expedited.

Besides that, the State Attorney General website provides detailed and conclusive information on what type of information an individual can request to access. This is because not all information can be accessed as some information is classified. Individuals wishing to accessed classified information will then have to follow certain guidelines for this. Also, details on the locations of where these records can be retrieved are provided in this website.

The most interesting part is that individuals can even request the removal of their criminal records from the database. However, this involves a lot of legal procedures to begin with. Although possible, very few have successfully managed to get their criminal records off the system.

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